The 8 Best Natural Testosterone Boosters To Build Muscle

Above all else, there is one thing, one hormone that is associated with muscle growth. That hormone is testosterone. Whether you are trying to build muscle, burn fat, get stronger, or increase your libido, testosterone is likely to be included in the conversation. But what is the best natural testosterone booster?

Testosterone’s good name has been soiled over the past 50-years as horror stories about anabolic steroids have scared some of the public into thinking the notorious “man” hormone is a bad thing. This, of course, is ridiculous. Testosterone plays many roles in the body, and it is necessary for men who want to be productive and fit to have at least some of it. Here are some of the benefits of testosterone.

Testosterone Is Good for Your Heart

Testosterone being good for your heart may be contrary to what you’ve heard about the hormone. While claims about highly elevated levels of testosterone leading to increased risk or heart attack might be true, normal to slightly elevated levels of testosterone improve red blood cell production and lead to more oxygen delivered throughout the body. It appears the only way to raise your natural testosterone (aka “test”) to alarming rates occurs if you are injecting a synthetic version of the hormone-like Testosterone Cypionate or Testosterone Propionate. Natural test boosters do not appear to have the same negative side-effects, although more research is needed before anyone can be sure.

Big, Stronger Faster

Testosterone is responsible for stimulating muscle growth in the body. You can think of testosterone as your muscle’s manager and protein as its employee. What is mean is that testosterone signals to your body to put energy into the growth of your muscles, and then your cells use protein to build those muscles. The two go hand-in-hand. High testosterone without enough protein is not nearly as effective as it is with.

Along with bigger muscles comes additional strength and increased recovery time. One of the main ways you can get bigger and stronger faster is by lifting heavier weights and increasing the volume of your workouts. In other words, working out more often and doing a higher number of sets every week. Testosterone helps with just these things. By helping your muscles grow test allows you to increase the weight you are putting up, which then stimulates more growth. It’s sort of like the opposite of a vicious cycle!

Decreased recovery time means you won’t wake up as sore the morning after a hard workout—a fact the benefits of which cannot be overstated.

Testosterone and Bone Mineral Density

In addition to strengthening your muscles, research shows that testosterone also increases your bone mineral density. Stronger, more dense bones are especially important as we get older as our bones lose density and get frailer as we age. There are also other things you can do that may help you keep your bone density as you age. These include taking calcium and multivitamins. You can find great men’s vitamins here on Optimum Nutrition. Just remember, if you order anything from Optimum Nutrition’s website, always use the “CODY15” for 15% off and free shipping in the US.

Best Natural Testosterone Boosters

Okay, so now that we know why testosterone is essential, it’s time to discuss what are the best natural testosterone boosters that you should be taking or eating.


Whether you find ways to incorporate ginger into your diet or take it as a supplement, the root is exceptionally healthy for a variety of reasons. These include:

  • Increasing Natural Testosterone: Although the exact way in which it works is unclear, ginger does appear to have an impact on testosterone levels. Eating more ginger or taking ginger supplements is a great way to try and increase your testosterone because, worst case, the famed root still has many other well-researched benefits.
  • Aiding in Digestion: Ginger has long been used as a digestive aid. People who take it say it reduces nausea as well as things like indigestion and acid reflux.
  • Helping Regulate Blood Sugar Levels: One of the most well-known benefits of ginger is how it impacts blood sugar. High blood sugar is associated with several ailments in including heart disease, so it’s important to be careful about how much sugar (and simple carbs) you eat.

Best Natural Testosterone Booster: ZMA

ZMA stands for zinc magnesium aspartate. The product has long been known to increase natural testosterone levels as well as aid in recovery time. Zinc, in general, is the right product for weightlifters and bodybuilders to supplement as it seems to have many positive effects for men.


Pomegranate has long been considered a libido increaser. In 2012 the claim was tested, and it seemed to confirm that the ancient wives’ tales were true: Pomegranate does indeed seem to play a role in natural testosterone. Not only that, but the fruit may also boost mood and have a number of other positive effects.

Best Natural Testosterone Booster: HMB

HMB, which stands for hydroxy β-methylbutyrate, is one of the most potent natural test boosters. HMB is a chemical that comes from the breakdown of a specific amino acid called leucine. Amino acids, especially leucine, are the “building blocks” of protein. And protein, of course, is the building blocks of muscle growth. HMB, therefore, gets you as far down the chain of causation as is possible with modern techniques meaning it helps stimulate muscle growth at a very fundamental level.

Optimum Nutrition HBM


Onions are another food source that you can include in many different recipes, which may increase testosterone. The study showing that onions increased testosterone was only conducted on rats, but scientists believe the results may be similar in humans.

Best Natural Testosterone Booster: Fatty Fish and or Fish Oil

Fatty fish, like salmon, have incredible health benefits. Regularly eating salmon can help you lose weight, feel, and looks better. Not to mention, it can improve your heart health and possibly aid in muscle growth. If you don’t like eating fish, you can try supplementing fish oil or use krill oil.

Optimum Nutrition Fish Oil


Walnuts have omega fatty acids and are believed to increase natural testosterone levels. Additionally, they make a great, healthy snack, just be careful how much you eat: The calories can sneak up one you!

Best Natural Testosterone Booster: Tribulus

Tribulus is one of the more common natural testosterone boosters. You will find the herb in most natural test booster complexes as well as sold as an isolate. Many people notice increased energy, vitality, and endurance in the gym when taking Tribulus.

Optimum Nutrition Tribulus

The Protein Element

Testosterone is great. And having normal to high testosterone is a big part of getting in elite shape—mainly for men. But the other part of muscle building, protein, is equally important.

When it comes to muscle growth and developing a lean body composition, protein is by far the most important macronutrient.

There are three basic types of macronutrients (or “macros”), they are:

  • Carbs: Although extreme diets like “Keto” have labeled carbs as being wrong, most medical experts and elite athletes agree that there are a time and a place for carbs. When it comes to high-powered energy, there is simply no substitute for carbs. The key to eating carbs is that they have to be viewed properly and eaten in moderation. Rather than covering the majority of your plate with Carbs, it should only comprise about 15-20 percent. This, of course, is not including the carbs from vegetables. Namely, the carbs you want to limit are simple carbs like those from pasta and rice. But, if you use carbs prior to workouts or endurance exercises, they are great; you just have to think of them as fuel and use them accordingly.
  • Fats: Lean meats with fewer fats are typically better for increasing muscle mass. There is some research that shows greater levels of fat consumption may increase testosterone. But generally, it is not worth raising your testosterone that way as there are many other healthier ways to do so. Some fat is okay. But most health experts agree the Keto “high-fat” diet is not the way to go. Not all fats are bad though. The kinds of fat you find in salmon and other fish (Omegas) are very good for you. It’s saturated fats that seem to be linked to heart disease.
  • Proteins: Protein is the key to muscle growth. There are countless delicious protein sources that you can put in your diet, including lean beef or steak, venison, or chicken. The key to your proteins is to go as lean as possible. For bodybuilders, elite athletes, and those just trying to get into incredible shape, though, you are likely not going to get enough protein strictly from your diet. That is where supplementation comes in. There are a variety of great protein products you can try, but two you should certainly consider are Whey and Casein. Casein protein is slow-digested and is great first thing in the morning or before bed, and Why is perfect for directly following your workouts as it is absorbed quickly into the body and used to aid muscle growth.

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