Cuts Clothing: A Casual Shirt For Men

If you happen to ask any male athlete, whether a pro or a college guy, about their experience when buying T-shirts, you’ll expect to hear similar frustrating responses. And why exactly? Well, here’s the issue. Most off-the-rack t-shirts do not accommodate most men with an athletic build. The reason for this is because most big brands focus more on average men and not masculine guys.

Since the majority of the men population is not masculine, most fashion brands stick to just two types of fits that include the “Standard” and the “Slim Fit”. The standard fit can fit a masculine guy in the upper body but fail to taper on the waist. The slim fit can taper around the waist but appear too tight on the upper body making you feel too uncomfortable.

So, what’s the deal? The only way to solve this problem is by settling for athletic-fit T-shirts that offer a custom fit both in the waist and in the upper body. For instance, if you consider Cuts Clothing, you’ll realize that Cuts Clothing is one of the best solutions you’ve got. This brand offers a variety of T-shirt options for masculine guys such as V-necks, Crew, and Hanley tees. So in this guide, we’re going to discuss Cuts Clothing to learn about their products, promotions, and customer ratings.

Cuts Clothing Overview

Now, Cuts is a Los Angeles fashion brand that was founded by Stephen Borelli in 2016. Before the launch, Stephen struggled a lot to find a custom and quality T-shirt he would wear professionally when working from home or going to a night out. But, after struggling to find the perfect t-shirt that would fit his muscular body, Stephen decided to take the entrepreneurial route by designing t-shirts that would fit muscular men.

Soon after the launch, in 2017, Borelli decided to fund his innovation through Kickstarter to engineer t-shirts that favored customizability. Here, he invented a proprietary fabric named Pyca. Although the name was just something made up, Pyca is an ultra-premium, high stretch fabric that’s a tri-blend of three fabrics namely cotton, polyester, and rayon.

This combination of quality and premium fabrics resulted in a wrinkle-free and extremely soft material that had exceptional color retention. What this means is that Cut Clothing t-shirts have an excellent buttery softness that’s gentle on your skin. The t-shirts are also fade-resistant, as they don’t lose their color after being washed.

Now, what makes Cuts a brand that’s in a league of its own is how they’ve managed to offer masculine men an exclusive shopping experience. By offering a mix of sweatshirts, polos, and t-shirts to athletic men, this brand has showcased its authenticity, versatility, and sophistication in the sports business in a remarkable way.

Cuts Shirts Review

When it comes to t-shirts, there’s no one-size-fits-all solution. This is especially so when it comes to masculine and athletic men as most of them have bodies of different shapes and sizes depending on their athletic activities.

For instance, footballers and cyclists have masculine lower bodies as their athletic activities involve exercising the lower bodies. Bodybuilders, on the other hand, have broad and masculine upper bodies such as the chest and the shoulders but comparatively slender lower bodies.

With this in mind, Cuts Clothing has managed to invest a lot in premium high-quality t-shirts that suit the athletic man. However, unlike other brands, Cuts has a limited selection of t-shirts that comprise of the V-Neck, Crew, and Henley. About the style cuts, Cuts offers three types of cuts on their classic t-shirts that include the split-hem, elongated-hem, and the classic curve hem.

The reason for these classic cuts and curves is to make these t-shirts not only stylish but also versatile enough to be worn in both sporting and business casual settings. So, with that said, let’s now review some of the Cuts tees that are available in the various categories.

V-Neck Tees

The V-Neck t-shirt comes in two variants that include the V-Neck Curve Hem and the V-Neck Split Hem. The former has an elevated classic look that allows it to offer a custom fit both on the chest and around the waist. So, with this t-shirt, you won’t worry about it being tight on the shoulders and loose around the waist.

When it comes to the color options, the V-Neck Curve Hem comes in a wide range of colors that include Black, White, Heather Green, Maroon, Grey, Navy, and Red.

The V-Neck Split Hem, on the other hand, consists of a more fitted chest and a split hem at the bottom. It comes in different colors that include Black, White, and Slate Grey.

Crew T-Shirts

The Crew Neck is another version of the Cuts Clothing tee that’s specifically designed for athletic men. This tee is designed with your body type in mind meaning it won’t disappoint you whatsoever. Just like the previous V-Neck tee, the Crew t-shirt is available in three variations that include the Komo Crew Elongated, the L/S Crew Curve Hem, and the Crew Elongated.

The Komo Crew Elongated is designed with a slightly longer hem and has cuffed sleeves and a red stitch on the breast pocket. This tee is only offered in Black meaning you won’t get any other color option.

The L/S Crew Curve Hem is another tee that serves as a long-sleeve version in the Cuts Clothing category. This tee is tailored to offer a custom fit on the body of a masculine man. This t-shirt is tight around the chest but less tight as you approach the waist and the wrists. This tee is light and has excellent breathable qualities that make it a perfect wear for summer seasons.

The Crew Elongated is the last tee in this category that features a classic crew style with a longer hem. This tee is a short sleeve version that’s designed to give you an urban feel. The breathable tri-blend used to tailor this tee makes it perfect for warm summer weather. The Crew Elongated is available in Black, Reddish Maroon, Heather Grey, Oatmeal, Slate, and Light Brown.

Henley Shirts

The last Cuts t-shirt that’s available in the market is the Henley tee. This tee is very easy to identify as it consists of a cut coupled with three buttons at the top. The Henley tee is available in two major categories that include the Henley Split-Hem and the Henley Elongated.

The Henley Split-Hem consists of a three-button design that’s accentuated by a split-hem to give the tee a classic look. This t-shirt is suited for casual settings and night outs and is available in cool colors that include Black, light Brown, Cashew, and Iron.

Lastly, we have the Henley elongated tee. Unlike the Henley Split-Hem, the Henley elongated is designed with three buttons then accentuated with a long elongated hem. This tee can be worn in almost any setting and is available in Black.

Why Choose Cuts Clothing?

One reason that makes Cuts one of the best brands in the fashion business is how they’ve created a huge customer base. The brand has done this by designing high-quality t-shirts that suit the needs of most high-profile athletes. Cuts Clothing has emphasized more on tailoring tees that are both comfortable and stylish.

These t-shirts are tailored from Pyca or Pyca Pro meaning they’re fade-resistant, breathable, and very stretchy. The tees suit both casual and professional settings making them the best in the business. With that said, let’s discuss some of the features that make Cuts t-shirts the best.

  • Quality Construction: The reason why Cuts has rivaled most of its competitors is due to the quality of their t-shirts. The quality of the construction has been at a top level as the brand uses PYCA fabric to tailor its tees. The stitching lines are clean and very strong giving the tees a premium look.
  • Quality Material: Other than the stitching and the sewing, the quality of the material used has been of immense difference. Unlike other t-shirts, Cuts t-shirts are comfortable, durable, and fade-resistant even after being washed several times.
  • Versatile: Lastly, Cuts tees are offered in a wide range of cuts, colors, and size options. This endless array of options is perfect for athletic men as it offers them the chance to pick specific t-shirts that match their demands.

Promotions and Discounts

Are you a new customer in the Cuts Clothing platform? Well, in case it’s your first time here, then there’s something to be proud of. Cuts offer new customers a 15% off when they make their first order using the THECODYALLEN code.


So, there you have it. In case you’ve been struggling to find a quality t-shirt that will tick all the checkboxes, then Cuts Clothing tees are the best option. Made from Pyca, a tri-blend of cotton, polyester, and rayon, these t-shirts are smooth, buttery soft, and very tender.

The fabric offers the right balance of texture and cut making them the best tees for athletic men. When it comes to the fashion aspect, Cuts t-shirts are tailored with the right length and fit to suit men with masculine bodies. So, if you’re looking for a t-shirt that will offer a mix of style, comfort, and longevity, then Cuts is the best bargain.







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