I'm a former collegiate athlete turned entrepreneur that has excelled in the fitness space for years now.

I've spent time working with fitness professionals helping them turn their brands into businesses. From organizing fitness events to holding fitness business development seminars, I've become an authority in this space. As a performance athlete, I've spent years resistance training, endurance training, and much more. My digital marketing and branding agency has done a ton of work with companies to help them gain clients and efficiently run their businesses.

Cody sitting on box drinking water during workout



A Sweat Crawl is an event sponsored by Ten Thousand in conjunction with myself to bring the fitness community together in a unique way and expose the Ten Thousand brand to different markets. I've has organized many Sweat Crawl's for Ten Thousand around the country. These are traditionally two group workouts where participants are given apparel from Ten Thousand to wear during the event. A great experience for all. Check out below!


In today's online world, consistent and engaging content is key. I've mastered the ability to create valuable content.