The Best Shorts for Squats: Get Lower With Better Gear

You load the weights onto the bar. Today’s the day. I’m going to hit that new record. You step under the bar and visualize your new one-rep max squat. I’ve got this. You do a few bodyweight squats to stretch out your legs. Hm, these new shorts, they’re a bit too tight. And they don’t really stretch, huh? Am I going to be able to hit my full range of motion? Now your mind is occupied by sub-par clothing, and your max-squat mojo disappears.

To avoid situations like this in the gym, you need to find clothing that works for you, not against you. Less-dedicated gym-goers may be able to get by with basic workout equipment, but a true gym rat needs to wear the best to be their best. When focusing on squats, your shorts will have the biggest effect on your performance. Today, we’ll explore the ideal characteristics of squatting shorts, as well as some fitness brands that are taking workout clothing to the next level.

What Makes a Good Squat Short?

If you’re trying to take your fitness routine to the next level, it might be time to invest in some better workout clothing. When choosing shorts that will support a regular squatting program, you’ll want to look out for a few essential things:

  • A perfect fit⁠—not too loose, not too tight
  • Allows for full range of motion
  • Adjustable drawstring
  • Durability
  • Pockets (optional)

The fit of the shorts is most important. Most lifters don’t want tight little shorts that ride up on you or hamper your range of motion. However, shorts that are too loose can get in the way of some workouts, as well as making you feel less professional. An adjustable drawstring helps the wearer find that perfect fit, tightening or loosening the waistband as needed. Durability is also a key factor, as you can’t afford to be re-purchasing new clothing all the time. And if you enjoy listening to music or need to keep keys or cards with you while working out, a set of quality pockets is essential.

Luckily, all of these characteristics can be found in at least one brand’s shorts: Ten Thousand.

Ten Thousand: The Best Squatting Shorts

Not many fitness shorts meet all of the above qualifications. Cheaper pairs of shorts will often rip or tear after just a few uses, or they may not incorporate pockets or drawstrings. Worst of all, most sub-par shorts will fit terribly. Either loose and baggy or tight and restrictive, they just don’t function properly.

However, there are a few companies putting in the effort to produce spectacular shorts for all fitness activities, including squatting. The cream of the crop is Ten Thousand, a brand founded on the idea of being “Better Than Yesterday.” They put their shorts and other clothing through rigorous tests, while also working with premier athletes to perfect their designs.

Mental and Physical Comfort

When hitting the gym, comfort is of utmost importance. To hit that deep squat, your shorts need to move with your body. Poor quality shorts have the potential to rip or ride, causing you to focus more on your clothing than the workout at hand. Ten Thousand’s shorts are crafted to withstand anything you can throw at them. Deep squats, CrossFit, hiking… they do it all.

However, physical comfort isn’t the only concern⁠—mental comfort is nearly as important. As an extreme example, wearing a Speedo to the gym might provide maximum physical comfort, as there would be nothing in the way of you reaching a full squat. However, your mental comfort would suffer, as you won’t fit in with everyone else’s attire. You have to look good to feel good and perform your best.

Dress the Part

According to the idea of enclothed cognition, our clothing can have a profound effect on the way we think, feel, and operate. In one experiment, students were asked to perform a set of tasks. One group of students wore regular clothes, while the other group wore a white lab coat. The group in lab coats ended up performing the tasks with 50% fewer mistakes due to the phenomenon of enclothed cognition. Due to their clothing, they felt more confident, and in turn, they performed better.

The same goes for the gym. When you dress like a dedicated fitness fanatic, you will perform like one. If you show up to the gym in jean shorts and a polo shirt, well, you just aren’t giving yourself a good shot at success.

Which Style to Choose?

Ten Thousand offers a few essential models of shorts—there’s something for everyone! Most of their shorts are available in 5″, 7″ or 9″ lengths, providing options for any body type.

  • Foundation: The Foundation Short emphasizes durability. They are a mid-weight, abrasion-resistant pair of shorts, allowing wearers to do some serious heavy lifting without worrying about rips or tears. A 2-way stretch design gives gym-goers the freedom to squat with a full range of motion.
  • Interval: The Interval Short is a great all-around style—you can still expect a premium, durable short, but with added stretch and mobility. As with the other Ten Thousand short designs, pockets are available for cards, keys, and phones, allowing wearers to work out in commercial gyms that don’t have lockers.
  • Session: The Session Short is lightweight, breathable, and superiorly stretchy. If you have issues with getting low during squats, the Session Short will eliminate that problem. This design is best for those who work out and enjoy a good dose of cardio, as they were crafted with runners in mind.

In addition to these three core shorts, there are other options available, including the Fight, Tactical, and Distance shorts. Check out the Ten Thousand online store to explore all of their offerings. And when you use my exclusive promo code (ALLEN), you will receive 15% off your order.

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