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The Best Shorts for Squats

The Best Shorts for Squats: Get Lower With Better Gear

By Cody Allen / December 13, 2021 /

You load the weights onto the bar. Today’s the day. I’m going to hit that new record. You step under the bar and visualize your new one-rep max squat. I’ve got this. You do a few bodyweight squats to stretch out your legs. Hm, these new shorts, they’re a bit too tight. And they don’t…

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Fitness competition

Sweat Crawl: Fitness Competition of the Future?

By Cody Allen / June 17, 2020 /

The fitness community is awesome. There are tons of people, all over the world, who love pushing their bodies to the limit and improving themselves every day. A fitness competition is a great way for that culture to come together. I’ve been organizing sweat crawls, in partnership with Ten Thousand, in different cities. It’s an…

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Ten Thousand shorts review

The ONLY Gym Shorts Worth Wearing: Ten Thousand Review

By Cody Allen / May 14, 2020 /

Virtually every activity in modern life has a certain type of “uniform.” That’s not to say everyone does or should dress the same. But we have to acknowledge the obvious fact that certain types of clothing work better in certain kinds of environments. If, for example, you are going to a business meeting in a…

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