Cody Allen

What Is Exercise Volume and Why It Matters

By Cody Allen / September 11, 2020 /

I wake up and hit the gym with a plan, but getting to the gym and doing my best work are sometimes two vastly different things. The important thing to understand is that even during times when I am not able to hit new PRs or push my body to the max, I can still…

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Pure Kana CBD Legality

Know The Law: Is CBD Oil Legal?

By Cody Allen / August 14, 2020 /

Finding out the answer to the question “is CBD oil legal?” has been a journey and every changing across America in recent years. CBD extracted from hemp is legal at the federal level. The reason for mentioning the hemp-derived CBD is that it also comes from marijuana, which is illegal in the US under the…

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Exercises per muscle group header

Bigger, Stronger, Faster: How Many Exercises Should I Do Per Muscle Group?

By Cody Allen / August 12, 2020 /

Professional bodybuilders and weekend warriors alike have long wondered about the most effective ways to build muscle, get stronger, and look better. Yes, there are specific exercises you must do, and yes, their ones you probably shouldn’t. But when it comes to working out, the most important, yet often ignored, the fact is that what…

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Benefits of CBD for back pain

Benefits of CBD for Back Pain

By Cody Allen / August 10, 2020 /

Cannabidiol or CBD is a new and beneficial treatment for pain problems, including back pain. Various studies suggest that it helps to alleviate inflammation, which is the major cause of developing chronic back pain. CBD is available in various forms, such as gels, capsules, topical creams, oils, etc. All of these types have shown promising…

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Wellness Tips for Entrepreneurs

Top 10 Health and Wellness Tips for Entrepreneurs

By Cody Allen / July 31, 2020 /

Some of the best health and wellness tips you may ever hear get might not come from someone wearing a white lab coat. Not to thumb a nose at doctors—doctors are great! The problem is that everyone in the medical field has to be very careful about what they say and recommend. Even if a…

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Blog header for How does CBD make you feel

How Does CBD Make You Feel? (The Truth)

By Cody Allen / July 10, 2020 /

  (Source) CBD is now getting popular among people because of its conditional benefits. People who have health problems like arthritis, athletes, fitness practitioners, and others are endorsing this compound as it has helped them deal with their issues. The most acknowledged effects of CBD are its property to reduce inflammation and relax your mind.…

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What is a good HRV?

WHOOP Strap 3.0: What Is a Good HRV?

By Cody Allen / June 29, 2020 /

Measuring your heart rate is a great way to take a scientific approach to your fitness. Rather than just “going hard,” manually calculating your heart rate gives you real empirical data that you can learn from and, most importantly, incrementally improve. Standard heart rate methods, though, are no longer the industry-standard. In fact, putting a…

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CBD and Asthma: Is It Beneficial?

By Cody Allen / June 24, 2020 /

(Source) Asthma is a chronic respiratory health problem that leads to shortness of breath, wheezing, and other symptoms. A person with this condition can suffer from unexpected asthma attacks, and in severe cases, if the person doesn’t get emergency treatment, it can also lead to death. Several environmental factors can cause asthma attacks such as…

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Fitness competition

Sweat Crawl: Fitness Competition of the Future?

By Cody Allen / June 17, 2020 /

The fitness community is awesome. There are tons of people, all over the world, who love pushing their bodies to the limit and improving themselves every day. A fitness competition is a great way for that culture to come together. I’ve been organizing sweat crawls, in partnership with Ten Thousand, in different cities. It’s an…

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CBD for recovery

Best Time To Take CBD for Recovery: Post-Workout!

By Cody Allen / June 4, 2020 /

Intense workouts can lead to muscle damage. It’s essential to make a post-workout routine to remain on the track during your fitness journey. Most people make their effective post-workout regime by taking rest, eating muscle-building foods, and getting enough sleep right after an extensive session in Gym. All of them are worth doing methods and…

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