The ONLY Gym Shorts Worth Wearing: Ten Thousand Review

Virtually every activity in modern life has a certain type of “uniform.” That’s not to say everyone does or should dress the same. But we have to acknowledge the obvious fact that certain types of clothing work better in certain kinds of environments. If, for example, you are going to a business meeting in a big board room with lots of Ivy League grads and top-level executives. Well, you are probably going to want to wear a suit. But, let’s say you forget the suit and instead throw on a pair of sweat pants and a ruffled shirt. Fine—wearing Kirkland instead of Armani is your decision, and it’s a free country. But, don’t be fooled into thinking what you wear doesn’t matter. It does. And, simply put, wearing the wrong gym shorts puts you at a disadvantage.

It’s true, how you look does impact how you feel and how people perceive you…And how you feel and how people perceive you does impact your performance. So, actually, wearing the wrong clothes puts you at not one but two distinct disadvantages. 1) If you wear the wrong clothes, you will feel underdressed and therefore insecure. And 2) If you wear the wrong clothes, people will treat you differently, which will, in turn, make you feel even more insecure and will have an even further negative impact on your performance. It’s a vicious circle—and love them or hate them; these facts are true in every aspect of our lives.

My Uniform

The gym is my board room. Every time I go to train or lift weights, I know I’m going to perform at my highest possible level. Why? Because of Ten Thousand fitness apparel—workout clothing that not only looks good, but feels good and has all the qualities I need to optimize my strength, speed, and endurance. Here’s what you need to know about Ten Thousand’s gym shorts, shirts, and more.

Foundation Shorts

What Ten Thousand workout gear do you wear?

Ten Thousand is the only workout apparel I wear. They have everything I need, including shorts and shirts. I love Ten Thousand’s shorts, socks, shirts, pants, and everything and everything else they offer, but their Foundation Shorts are definitely my favorite. The quality of material comes second to none, and the performance is awesome. It doesn’t matter if you’re doing deep squats or an intense HIIT session, Ten Thousand’s shorts will never tear and, because of their moisture-wicking material, they won’t stick to you.

What type of training do you do in your Ten Thousand workout apparel?

I use my Ten Thousand gear for a ton of different training modalities—everything from functional training to boxing, MMA, and powerlifting. No matter what I’m doing, Ten Thousand’s products pass every test.

Another great thing about Ten Thousand’s gym shorts is that they are built around function. So, for example, if you need something lightweight for long runs and HIIT sessions, the best option is a pair of their Session Shorts. If you need a comfortable, yet durable pair of workout shorts for hardcore gym workouts, go with the Foundation Shorts. Or, if you need something in-between, go with the Interval Shorts.

Session shorts

Another great thing about the Foundation, Interval, and Session shorts is that they come with a built-in liner, so you don’t need to wear underwear. The shorts will provide all the support you need.

What is your favorite piece of Ten Thousand workout gear?

The Foundation Shorts are my favorite shorts they offer. They’re tough and cut perfectly. The shorts give you an awesome range of mobility. The quality is extremely breathable and sweat-wicking.

I sweat a ton during some of my training sessions, and the great thing about the Foundation Shorts is they never make you feel weighed-down; they’re like a second skin. When wearing them, you always feel flexible and like you can reach a maximum range of motion in deep squats and lunges.

Whether I’m boxing, playing football, weightlifting, or whatever, the Foundation Shorts are flexible enough to optimize my performance and durable enough to stand up to anything I throw at them. Oh, and they look good.

Boxing in foundation shorts

What so great about the workout shorts by Ten Thousand?

The main things that make Ten Thousand products uniquely great are high-quality material, functional design, and durability. I have the full range of motion throughout all of my lifts without the shorts catching or snagging on my legs. I can run, jump, lift, etc. to my full capabilities without the shorts hindering me in any way. I’ve owned so many pairs of these shorts, and I’ve never had to replace them because of the fading of colors or ripping of the shorts.

Also, of course, appearance matters too. And the final great thing about Ten Thousand’s gym shorts is that they are some of the best-looking workout apparel you’ll ever see. The short’s cut and fit are always perfect.

Do you think what you wear while you work out or train is important?

I think that the quality of the apparel you wear while your train is extremely important. That’s not to say that just because you are wearing the right gym shorts, you’re suddenly going to start training hard and seeing results—that parts on you. BUT, with that said, wearing the right type of training shorts IS paramount to help you maximize your performance. Think about it; you can’t do elite agility work in baggy cotton shorts. You need to have the right gear.

Why and how does what you wear impact your performance?

The type of training you’re doing will determine the type of clothing you need to be wearing. If your training requires you to have a wide range of motion (squatting, jumping, deadlifting, sprinting, etc.), then you need to have shorts that allow it. Or, if you’re running, you need a lightweight shirt that wicks away sweat. Runners don’t want to be wearing thick shirts that weigh them down.

What qualities do you look for when choosing the right athletic gear?

The most important qualities when it comes to choosing the right athletic gear are:

  1. High-Quality Material: You want a strong yet comfortable fabric that won’t rip and includes advanced features like moisture-wicking.
  2. Comfortable Fit: You want something that feels good while you’re wearing it.
  3. Durability: You want to be able to do everything you need to do.
  4. Style: You want to look good.
  5. Longevity: You want workout gear that will last.

Are there any qualities that are important to boxing / MMA that you look for in gym shorts?

A tight fit and a good range of motion are very important for MMA and boxing. My style is about speed and athleticism. I love that Ten Thousand’s training shorts allow me to move my legs in every direction quickly and explosively. The shorts fit tight to my legs so that they can’t be grabbed on and don’t get in the way.

What do you think about Ten Thousand’s “Better than Yesterday” mantra?

I live by this mantra. When I first saw “Better Than Yesterday,” it immediately brought me back to my football playing days when my coach told me that each day, I need to aim to get 10% better. If you focus on one thing about your game (or in this case life), then you can improve overall each day. It doesn’t need to be massive improvements. Success is just a little bit better than the day before. I strive for this in my daily life and definitely in my training style. Life is a culmination of a ton of small instances that either propel you forward or set you back. If you can get better each day, you’ll be better off in the long run. This attitude is applied to everything I do and love.


Ten Thousand has some of the best workout apparel on the market. If you take fitness seriously and have never experienced the benefits of wearing high-quality workout clothing, you need to give it a try. Not only will you look good, but you’ll feel good, and will gain a performance advantage that you may have thought impossible by just changing your clothes. If you are interested in buying workout shirts or shorts from Ten Thousand, click here and use affiliate code “ALLEN” for 20% off.