are vans good for lifting

Are Vans Good For Lifting? You Better Believe It!

By Cody Allen / January 4, 2024 /

Almost everyone has had a pair of Vans at one point or another. The shoes are commonly associated with skateboarding and youth culture, but did you know they also work well for weightlifting? They happen to be constructed in a similar fashion to proper lifting shoes but at a fraction of the price. Vans will…

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Vans vs converse

Vans vs Converse: Best Lifting Shoe

By Cody Allen / January 4, 2024 /

For weight and heavy lifters, shoes are pretty essential and their specifications. When it comes to which is best, Vans and Converse seem to be at loggerheads for the final spot.   We bring you the showdown between both lifting shoes to clear things all up. This means access to their accurate specifications, ratings, pros,…

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Best fitting shirts

Best Fitting T-Shirts for an Athletic Build

By Cody Allen / January 4, 2022 /

The world of men’s clothing can be difficult to navigate. Most men don’t know how to balance the ideas of comfort and style; they either wear loose-fitting clothing for full comfort and no style, or their stylish, form-fitting clothing doesn’t give their bodies room to move and breathe. This problem is only made worse by…

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The best joggers to wear for work

Guide To Buying The Best Joggers For Work

By Cody Allen / December 24, 2021 /

Joggers are great to wear on any day or occasion. They match well with almost any shirt and one can wear them with or without a belt. Another great thing about them is that they are available for both men and women. They are made of a thick denim fabric that makes them incredibly durable.…

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Man sitting on railing wearing cuts clothing

Cuts Clothing: A Casual Shirt For Men

By Cody Allen / October 15, 2021 /

If you happen to ask any male athlete, whether a pro or a college guy, about their experience when buying T-shirts, you’ll expect to hear similar frustrating responses. And why exactly? Well, here’s the issue. Most off-the-rack t-shirts do not accommodate most men with an athletic build. The reason for this is because most big…

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