Foods that lower testosterone header

9 Foods That Lower Testosterone

By Cody Allen / September 6, 2021 /

If you’re determined to build muscle at the gym, then you probably know that testosterone can play a big role in successful strength training. Foods like mint, soy, and nuts can have negative effects on testosterone production and hormone levels. If you’re looking to boost testosterone and gain muscle in the gym, then you need…

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How to dirty Bulk

How to Dirty Bulk: Gain Muscles the Right Way

By Cody Allen / August 11, 2021 /

For most people, going to the gym means losing weight and looking skinnier, but this isn’t the case for some. This set of gym-goers desire to gain more weight, primarily to increase their muscle mass and get stronger without having to go on some strict diet. If you want to achieve all these, you should…

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The 8 Best Natural Testosterone Boosters

The 8 Best Natural Testosterone Boosters To Build Muscle

By Cody Allen / March 10, 2020 /

Above all else, there is one thing, one hormone that is associated with muscle growth. That hormone is testosterone. Whether you are trying to build muscle, burn fat, get stronger, or increase your libido, testosterone is likely to be included in the conversation. But what is the best natural testosterone booster? Testosterone’s good name has…

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How to clean bulk

Gain Muscle The Right Way: How To Clean Bulk

By Cody Allen / February 19, 2020 /

When most people think about getting huge, they might picture guys doing curls and then a jump cut to a plate of pasta. It’s easy, right? Just lift heavy objects and stuff a lot of food into your body. Obviously, bulking up is not that simple. Figuring out how to clean bulk correctly will help…

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How to calorie cycle

How to Lose Fat and Gain Muscle by Calorie Cycling

By Cody Allen / February 17, 2020 /

Calorie cycling represents a new, yet intuitive way, of thinking about eating. Not exactly a diet, calorie cycling involves purposefully consuming more calories on some days than you do on others. This may not sound revolutionary, but when you consider the fact that most diets call for uniform consistency—allocating the exact same number of calories…

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