Best Fitting T-Shirts for an Athletic Build

The world of men’s clothing can be difficult to navigate. Most men don’t know how to balance the ideas of comfort and style; they either wear loose-fitting clothing for full comfort and no style, or their stylish, form-fitting clothing doesn’t give their bodies room to move and breathe. This problem is only made worse by men with athletic builds, as they often don’t fit into the standard clothing sizes.


Recently, some brands have made innovations to the classic T-shirt to make it more suitable for athletic men. Cuts T-shirts are designed to be worn anywhere, anytime. Whether it be the office, the gym, a dinner date, or a night out, the timeless style and premium material are suitable for all aspects of an active lifestyle.


Let’s explore what makes Cuts Clothing the best fitting T-shirts for athletic builds. We will focus on the premium fabric, perfect fit, optional lengths, and minimalist style that makes Cut Clothing the best.

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Fabric: PYCA Pro

Through a successful Kickstarter campaign, Cuts Clothing raised almost $40,000 to produce their proprietary fabric, PYCA Pro. The fabric consists of 62% polyester, 33% cotton, & 5% spandex. The polyester provides breathability, the spandex adds some stretch, and the cotton holds it all together with a silky-smooth feel.


The fabric of most T-shirts leaves something to be desired. A 100% cotton shirt isn’t the most comfortable, and it retains more moisture and smell than alternative fabrics. On the other hand, a 100% polyester shirt will have an “athletic” look and feel to it, which makes it unsuitable for work or date night.


By blending the two together, and adding a touch of spandex, you get the best of both worlds. The PYCA Pro fabric is anti-pilling, wrinkle-free, moisture-wicking, and pre-shrunk.

Modern Lengths

Cuts Clothing understands that not every man likes the same style of T-shirt, so they created three different lengths: split, curve-hem, and elongated.


The split length features a standard length that should sit right below the belt buckle. This is a classic cut, with the addition of two little slits on the left and right sides. This “split” design gives the wearer some room to move while keeping the shirt form-fitting when standing straight.


The curve-hem length employs the same standard length as the “split,” but features a distinctive curved edge. This prevents the bottom of the shirt from riding above the pant line and adds a touch of sophisticated style.


The elongated length is the most modern, unconventional style and is perfectly suited for taller men. The elongated shirts sit at more than one inch longer than both the split and curve-hem lengths. This works well for men with long torsos, or it can add a modern flair to your outfit.


With these stylish lengths and hems, you’ll be the best-dressed guy in the office, and the shirts work equally well in the gym. Even if you work from home, the PYCA Pro fabric and comfortable fit will keep you cozy and stylish while engaging with others on Zoom calls.

Trim Fit

Most standard T-shirts follow the same format: a baggy fit, with enlarged sleeves and too much room in the chest. They make them this way so that one style can fit all, but not all men are built the same. The biggest problem with many men’s wardrobes is the fit—loose shirts and pants can lead to a lazy, unprofessional look.


To accentuate an athletic build, the T-shirt needs to be thoughtfully designed. Slim fit shirts are a good start, but they are often too skinny and constricting for athletic men. Cuts Clothing implements a trim fit in their T-shirts that accentuates a fit body type: form-fitting in all the right places, with some, give and stretch for an active lifestyle.

Minimalist, Yet Customizable

Cuts Clothing focuses on minimalistic aesthetics, opting for clean, simple T-shirts with muted colors and classic style. They don’t rely on flashy graphics or vibrant dyes. Instead, they follow the mantra of “less is more” by providing simple, yet sophisticated, designs.


That being said, Cuts Clothing is still able to create endless variety from their basic formula. The classic crew T-shirt comes in dozens of variations—pick up a long sleeve for the winter or a pocket tee for some added flair. Once you’ve found your preferred model, there’s a multitude of colors to choose from.


For those who like to venture out from the basic T-shirt, Cuts Clothing offers different types of collars. These include polos, henleys, v-necks, and even hooded long-sleeve tees. These alternate styles come in the same classic colors and luxurious PYCA Pro fabric.


If you like changing your wardrobe with the weather, Cuts Clothing curates seasonal colors for many of their shirts. In Winter 2021, for example, they expanded their usual line to include cozy new colors like Winter Solstice, Pine, Cabernet, and Cast Iron.


Cuts Clothing has truly created the best-fitting t-shirts for an athletic build. The company claims to make clothing for guys with a purpose—those who are busy with work, fitness, socializing, and everything in between. Their T-shirts go where you go, fitting into almost any setting. Partner them with a nice pair of joggers and you’ll have the perfect business casual outfit.


Visit the Cuts Clothing website to check out their current offerings, and use my promo code (thecodyallen) for an exclusive discount.

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