Ten Thousand: The Perfect CrossFit Shorts

CrossFit combines heavy-lifting and high-endurance activities, so your workout clothing needs to be able to handle anything. Ten Thousand puts their full effort into producing quality clothing, forgoing the flashy stylings of typical athletic wear. Their premium CrossFit shorts speak for themselves and don’t require showy gimmicks—just classic muted colors (black, navy, maroon, and iron, to name a few), the simple Ten Thousand logo printed on the back, and a lifetime guarantee.

“Dressing the part” is an important aspect of any job or activity, including working out. Our clothing has a large psychological impact on the way we act and perform. A car salesman wouldn’t have much success wearing a t-shirt, just like athletes wouldn’t be as successful without the proper clothing to back up their high-intensity efforts. Ten Thousand’s line of shorts (and other workout gear) gives the wearer the confidence and support to perform at the highest level.

Ten Thousand sells directly to their customers, keeping middle-men stores out of the mix, which allows them to provide premium clothing at an affordable price. The company focuses on the ideal of “better than yesterday,” as they continue to make improvements every day, just like the athletes and CrossFit devotees that use their products.

The Foundation: Indestructible CrossFit Shorts

Black Foundation Shorts

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The Foundation shorts emphasize durability, first and foremost. The outer shell is built to last a lifetime, being an abrasion-resistant, medium-weight material. An inner liner adds another layer to the mix, providing another aspect of durability. The liner is premium Italian compression fabric, giving athletes the needed support for high-intensity workouts. The anti-odor technology of the liner means the shorts won’t develop that incurable ‘gym clothes’ smell that cheaper workout shorts tend to have.

The shorts become part of the athlete, ebbing and flowing with the wearer’s movements and providing essential compression support. Two perfectly sized pockets are available to hold a phone, wallet, and keys on the way to the workout. The right pocket is zippered, keeping any items contained during intense training. The Foundation shorts are perfect for heavy lifting, CrossFit classes, demanding hikes, and anything else you can throw at them.

The Foundation style is especially popular with bodybuilders, as they can withstand even the heaviest, most aggressive movements. When squatting hundreds of pounds, day after day, the shorts still maintain their shape and support.

Ten Thousand did away with the one-size-fits-all found in most athletic shorts. Instead, 5, 7, and 9-inch inseams are available to accommodate legs of all lengths (in addition to the six waist sizes). While the Foundation shorts are the all-around best for CrossFit, Ten Thousand offers two other styles of shorts: Session and Interval.

Foundation Shorts shirtless

The Session: Ultra-light Shorts

Brick Red Session Short

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The Session shorts from Ten Thousand exist at the opposite end of the workout spectrum. Their ultra-light material is a great choice for runners, yogis, and anyone who requires unhindered mobility in their athletic wear. The shorts practically melt into the background during endurance training, giving runners support where needed, but providing no resistance to their range of motion.

An internal phone pocket prevents as much bounce as possible while moving, and a hidden key pocket allows long-distance runners to leave the house with peace of mind. Those adhering to a CrossFit regimen would likely be better served by the Foundation or Interval shorts, but you can’t beat the Session’s lightweight for cardio day. That being said, the Session could still be a great choice of CrossFit shorts for those who workout with lower intensity. 

Orange Session Short on field

The Interval: Anytime, Anywhere Shorts

Black Camo Intverval Short

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The Interval shorts are a versatile offering from Ten Thousand, providing a middle ground between the ultra-durability of the Foundation and the lightweight freedom of the Session. These shorts feature laser-cut ventilation and quick-drying technology that keeps athletes cool and dry during long training sessions.

The inner lining is the same mid-weight material found on Ten Thousand’s other shorts, incorporating a permanent anti-odor treatment to keep them fresh for years to come. A no-bunch waistband and 4-way stretch allow the wearer to bend, lift, and move in any way that the workout demands. The outer shell is a bit lighter than the Foundation style but still provides enough weight and support for long days at the gym. The Interval are excellent CrossFit shorts for those who don’t do quite as much heavy lifting.

Dessert Interval Short

In Conclusion:

Ten Thousand Shorts Comparison Chart

Ten Thousand’s line of shorts starts at just $58 and includes a lifetime guarantee (defective gear can be returned for a replacement over the entire lifetime of the product). To save 15% on your next pair of CrossFit shorts, just use my code ALLEN at checkout.