Why Are Vegan Gummies Better than the Regular Ones 

There’s no feeling quite like chewing on a packet of sweet, delectable gummy bears. What if you made them healthier? That’s exactly what vegan gummy bears are.

These organic treats are mouth-watering, all the while jam-packed with benefits. In fact, reports show how these nutritious candies help treat health conditions starting from seizures right up to social anxiety. However, you may face some difficulty in finding the best vegan gummies in the market.

Luckily, we’ve rounded up a couple of our favorite gummy bear brands to help make your Saturday better. Snack on the following delicious sweets while enjoying your favorite T.V show or going on a picnic:

What are Vegan Gummies?

Typically, gummy bears are made of a product called gelatin.’ It is made from either the hooves, bones, cartilage, or pigs’ skin. Although other animals may be utilized, none of them are vegan, halal, or kosher. Besides, some gummy bears are fabricated from beeswax, shellac, or carmine.

Vegan gummies, on the flip side, are organic, cannabidiol edibles. These are further categorized into three types:

Full-spectrum CBD

It comprises phytochemicals like terpenes, cannabinoids, and oil found in the cannabis plants. It may even include traces of THC.

Broad-spectrum CBD

At the same time, broad-spectrum CBD includes almost all phytochemicals from the cannabis plant, except THC.

CBD isolate

CBD isolate is referred to as the ‘original’ state of CBD.

Things to Keep in Mind When Purchasing Gummy Bears

Gummy bears are the perfect way to satisfy your sweet tooth. But before you start snacking on your favorite packet, it’s vital you look out for several things. These are as follows:


Your main reason for opting vegan gummy bears is to avoid animal-based products. Therefore, those containing gelatin would be counter-productive considering gelatin is made of parts of animals.


Beeswax is another common ingredient included in a vast amount of candies. Be it gummy bears, jelly beans, and so on you can bet you’ll find beeswax in it. Honey and beeswax are ingredients often the topic of debate among vegans themselves.

Which is also why certain products containing beeswax are labelled gelatin-free and vegan-friendly. If you’re someone who avoids honey, you’ll have to carefully inspect the ingredients label to find beeswax free products. Pure Kana 25mg Gummies are totally beeswax free!

Food Dye

Your favorite packet of gummies may not be labelled vegan friendly because of this major reason; it contains food dye. The thing is, a majority of food colorings are made out of bugs such as the red color that comes from crushed beetles.

Thus, before picking up a packet of gummies, be sure to check whether it has ‘vegan-friendly’ atop it or not. If it does, your gummies are probably made out of artificial coloring.

Benefits of Vegan Gummies

Vegan gummies are packed full of health benefits. Below is a couple of them:

Suppresses Inflammation

An excellent benefit of taking products containing cannabidiol is that it helps control inflammation. CBD boasts high concentrations of antioxidants that ensure your body’s defense system fighting oxidative stress continues to perform well.

It is because CBD interferes with the activity of your Serotonin receptors to boost pain management. Not to mention, these products are rich in antioxidants that help offer relief in response to discomforts, pains, and cramps.

Enhances Focus

CBD can treat numerous mental and psychological health issues. From everyday stress to the constant anxiety bugging you, CBD helps you loosen up. In fact, researches show that cannabinoid receptors encounter the naturally present dopamine receptors to enhance focus and mental health.

In-depth research included an array of participants that were asked to give a public speech. Results showed that consumers that took moderate CBD felt their anxiety level go down. Overall, this product is used to treat stress, anxiety, depression, and so on.

Promotes a Healthier Sleep Cycle

Over-the-counter pills come with their fair share of side effects. While vegan gummies also pose risks, these aren’t addictive. Instead, the CBD of gummies is said to help users sleep better.

In fact, a case study of patients who have rheumatoid arthritis suggests that taking CBD or THC helps lower pain levels when at rest. Moreover, CBD gummy can improve the responses of your immune system, your appetite, and sleep. CBD is also an effective way of treating various sleep disorders and insomnia.

Apart from this, it’s likely your sleep deprivation is a result of physical unrest or pain. It could also be due to stress, depression, or anxiety. However, a simple, low dosage of CBD can help improve that. An extensive study conducted by Permanente Journal suggests that a mere 25 mg of CBD a day ended up enhancing sleep by a staggering 66.7% in only one month. It’s also a proven and remarkable way to rejuvenate kids’ sleeping experience suffering from PTSD or anxiety.

Easy to Use

CBD gummies are jam-packed with antioxidants, alongside vital minerals and minerals. Where antioxidants can ease stress and expedite immunity, the CBD can help your body relax. All in all, gummy bears are a great and super safe solution to a plethora of health problems.

The best part? They’re convenient and easy-to-use. Pure Kana’s gummy bear packets include delicious treats alongside millions of health benefits.

The Bottom Line

These tasty and effective candies are an excellent way to cure ailments. Not to mention, these are eco-friendly, as well as budget-friendly. If you’re someone who prefers organic solutions to health problems, the vegan gummies from Pure Kana are a must-have for you. And a bonus 20% off to make your day all the more better!




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