CBD Oil for Sleep: Can It Help?

CBD is getting popular because of its surprising benefits for the human body. This component may help alleviate the symptoms of different health problems like pain, arthritis, psychological problems, and others. Because of its wide range of advantages, researchers are trying to figure out a way to make the most out of it. They are also researching CBD’s effects on sleep. Although some studies suggest using CBD oil for sleep, few studies are a bit contradictory to them. Others indicate that CBD can impact your sleep cycle to an extent. To make you understand better, we have gathered some researches and information which can help you.

Read the article to understand how CBD makes you feel, why you feel drowsy after taking it, and you can treat insomnia with the help of CBD oil.

How Does CBD Make You Feel?

How CBD oil will make you feel totally depends on the individual-specific factors. Every person responds to CBD in a different way. It can also vary because of the consumption methods you choose, other medication and supplements you are taking, your weight, etc.

Not to mention, the terpenes content present in the CBD oil can widely influence your ability to respond to it. Terpenes can influence an energetic effect, sedative effect, or both. A study suggests that different doses can trigger different responses. It shows that higher doses can make you calm, which leads to drowsiness, while a lower dosage of CBD can make you energized and active. This research also shows that CBD has a tendency to improve anxiety. This is because CBD is anxiolytic, making it effective in reducing the symptoms associated with anxiety. Plus, it increases the calming effect.

Moreover, CBD also helps you to reduce the tension in your body or muscles. As both of these properties make you feel relaxed, your body will feel an urge to sleep.

How Can CBD Make You Fall Asleep?

The human body contains a biochemical communication system called the endocannabinoid system. The cannabinoid receptors are present in your entire body as well as the central nervous system, which regulates the sleep cycle.

Your body also has the ability to produce cannabinoids. Not to mention, cannabis-based products such as CBD do the same procedure in your body. If a person has endocannabinoid deficiency, they may feel drowsiness and other symptoms.

There is no direct evidence up till now to show how cannabinoids can help you fall asleep. Researchers suggest that it happens because of the interaction of endocannabinoids with receptors, proteins, and chemicals in the brain.

This process can also influence the functions of various neurotransmitters, hormones, and other cells that impact your bodily activities like emotional regulation, sleep-wake cycle, and pain. Another element that takes part in your sleeping mechanism is a terpene called myrcene, which is present in CBD strains. These are aromatic compounds present in fruits and plants and are an essential element in aromatherapy. Besides, myrcene has sedative effects and is widely found in hops for sleep.

Medical experts also suggest that as CBD reduces anxiety and pain, it makes you relax. This way, it allows the sleeping mechanism to function properly, which proves you can use CBD oil for sleep.

Can It Treat Insomnia?

As we have already discussed, CBD’s impact on your body widely depends on your dose. Studies suggest CBD can also help you with insomnia.

According to research on the effect of CBD on insomnia patients, a regular dose of 160 mg/day improves sleep and decreases your chances of awakening during sleep. Another study shows that candidates take lesser time to fall asleep than they usually take.

However, these studies are not enough to conclude that CBD can improve insomnia by making you fall to sleep in a few minutes and increase NREM, slow-wave sleep. Although it is great for insomnia patients, you need to understand that chronic use or long-term use can lead to its habit. This is certainly not favorable to you.

What do Researches Indicate?

Scientists and researchers have a wide interest in CBD oil’s effects on the human body. They have done various researches and are still working to find more benefits.

Some early researches suggest that CBD products, like CBD Sleep Aid Tincture, have the ability to improve your sleep. One of these researches suggests that 169 milligram of CBD dosage is effective compared to placebo to increase your sleep duration.

The stress hormone cortisol is present at a high level in the morning. But insomnia patients can suffer from high cortisol levels at night. This leads you to awake after every few minutes. A study found that cortisol levels significantly decrease when individuals take 300 or 600 mg CBD. These results show that CBD can impact the production of cortisol and may act as a sedative.

Another study on CBD, ranging from 25 to 175 mg, shows that 25 mg CBD can reduce your anxiety. Also, the analysis shows that for improving your sleep, you need higher doses. This was a 3-month study in which scientists observed the progress of the candidates. In the beginning, 66.7% of candidates reported improvement in their sleep, but 45% of candidates’ sleep patterns became worse. Later, the results revealed that 56.1% of the individuals had a better sleep cycle, while 26.8% faced more problems while sleeping. So this study indicates that CBD can improve sleep. However, it will lose its effects after some time. That said, how long will the effects last depend on different factors.

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Bottom Line

So, can you use CBD oil for sleep? Yes, as CBD doesn’t have a negative impact on your mental health. However, your body may take time to show the results.


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