Top 7 CBD Influencers You Never Knew About

CBD influencers have been on the go since the rise of the CBD industry. While the CBD industry is still new, it is expanding its outreach with the help of different influencers on social media platforms like Snapchat and Instagram. It is helping the industry to grow rapidly, and the CBD business owners and CBD brands have highly benefited from this.

Using influencers to help advertise your brand is known as influencer marketing, and it has become an effective branding tool, especially among CBD enthusiasts. Many CBD businesses have built a good loyal customer base using influencers and are now selling their products like CBD oil, CBD topical, balms, tinctures, effectively.

CBD influencer marketing also helps increase brand awareness as it helps businesses reach their targeted audiences. Social media has been a great platform for building your business, especially during uncertain times like pandemics. Many entrepreneurs have used influencer marketing to their advantage to establish their brand.

If you plan to reach out to a mass audience and promote your CBD product or brand, you must read this article. Mentioned below are the top CBD influencers who have played a great role in the success of the CBD industry.

1.    Montel Williams

If you’re a 90s baby, you may know this famous American television talk show host. Montel Williams was the face of a famous American television show during the 1990s. He discovered CBD in 1999 when he was unfortunately diagnosed with multiple sclerosis. Ever since discovering and studying the amazing benefits, Montel Williams has been actively promoting CBD. He also found a cannabis oil company known as Lenitiv Scientific selling different CBD products.

2.    Jolene Goring

Jolene Goring is a renowned figure among fitness freaks. She has been catering to the US health and fitness industry for more than 18 years. Jolene has appeared on many shows and channels like Fox 10 News and ABC and recently made it to the ‘Americas Premier Fitness Experts’ list. If you come across her Instagram, you will notice how she always promotes sponsored ads of CBD-based products like massage oil, lotions, lip balms, and many more. Jolene is one of the biggest supporters of CBD products and spends a lot of time researching on CBD brands that she can pitch in.

3.    Aisling Bea

Aisling Bea is another CBD influencer known for her different talents, like acting, writing, and is also a comedian. She has appeared in many famous stand-up comedy specials and TV shows. Being an influential personality in the showbiz, she has used her privilege to raise awareness of different CBD products. She loves using CBD products as it has helped her with her insomnia. Aisling struggled with insomnia for a long time until she started using CBD. She shares her reviews regarding CBD products on Twitter and is the best person for your CBD influential marketing campaign.

4.    Rachael

Rachael is another CBD influencer who has her own YouTube channel known as “CBD Woman.” She uses it as a learning platform to educate people on the use of CBD and the benefits that come with it. Her YouTube channel covers different topics from CBD for children to using CBD vapes. She also introduces her subscribers to different CBD products that are new in the market. Rachael believes that her love and passion for CBD derives from her personal experiences using different CBD products and continues to review different CBD products.

5.    Chris Lavish

Chris Lavish is a tattoo freak and CBD influencer based in New York. He has done many campaigns and paid partnerships on his Instagram account for CBD-infused lattes. Chris is greatly known for his exotic style and unique tattoos that appear all over his body. But, recently, he has gained popularity for his immense love for CBD-infused lattes and the fact that he’s not much of a meat eater and hates drinking.

His favorite CBD Latte is from MatchaBar, a small cafe in Brooklyn. Whenever he used to buy his favorite CBD latte from there, he would always post a picture of it on his Instagram. He continues to post for them on a corporate level after the owner of MatchaBar noticed his love for their CBD latte.

6.    Michelle Ross

Michelle Ross is a television CBD influencer who is not only a strong supporter of CBD but has also earned a name for her various skills and expertise. Michelle landed on a famous show Big Brother 11 and is an author, neuroscientists, and mental health expert. She runs an online platform known as Infused Health, in which she tries to promote cannabis. Michelle is the CEO of this online platform and has been quite successful. She also prescribes CBD to her patients who suffer from different chronic illnesses.

7.    Tommy Chong

CBD industry is growing today, but back in the 70s, there were only a few “influencers” who openly supported CBD. Tommy Chong is one of them. He is now in his 80s but continues to spread awareness about the benefits of CBD products and how people must use it. Tommy Chong’s experience with CBD has been great as it helped him fight cancer TWICE. He now has his own CBD brand that makes different CBD-infused products like gummies, CBD oils, pens, and vapes.


As you can see, how the world of CBD is successfully growing, and day by day, many celebs and well-known figures are becoming CBD influencers. You should give CBD-based products a try if you still haven’t. For first-timers, trying out CBD products or even manufacturing them can be quite overwhelming. But, you must first educate yourself on the different uses and benefits of CBD before doing anything with it.

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