VIVOBAREFOOT Men’s Shoes: Geo Racer II Review

The Vivobarefoot Geo Racer II is a great running shoe, and it is intended to be a perfect walking shoe. Its versatility and flexibility allow it to stretch easily with a durable sole for hard surfaces, rough roads, and pavements. 


The VIVOBAREFOOT Geo Racer is the perfect men’s shoe for an ideal running experience, thanks to its lightweight, stretchy, and highly sensory experience. 


VIVOBAREFOOT men’s shoes are eco-friendly, vegan, and sustainable sourced men’s shoes made with the planet’s best interests in mind. It is an all-in-one running shoe designed for daily walks, runs, sprints, sports and is also perfect gym shoes!

VIVOBAREFOOT Men’s Shoe: Who Should Get It?

If your feet don’t sit, then VIVOBAREFOOT men’s shoes are the perfect fit. Maneuver around your legwork with a comfortable, versatile, and durable pair of shoes perfect for all your recreational, sports, and daily activities. 


Its lightweight feature coupled with its durable and sturdy sole makes it suitable for various activities. The barefoot men’s shoes are also made from comfortable, breathable material with no itch, contractions, or skin irritations making it a perfect all-day wear. 


The VIVOBAREFOOT men’s shoes are made from intentionally sourced materials that do as much good to your feet as it does to the planet. All Geo Racer II shoes can be sent back with an easy return process to be recycled and reused, cutting down on wastage and depletion of planet resources. 


These barefoot shoes are certainly more than a walk in the park. Here’s a great way to be a part of saving the planet, one step at a time, literally.

What Are the VIVOBAREFOOT Men’s Shoes Best for?

  • Intensive Pre-Workout and Training Sessions
  • Leisure Activities
  • Casual Wear
  • Running, Sprints, and Simple Walks

What Are the VIVOBAREFOOT Men’s Shoes Not Best for?

  • Marathon Runs

VIVOBAREFOOT Men’s Shoes: Geo Racer II Ratings


Pros of the Geo Racer II VIVOBAREFOOT Men’s Shoes

Across the board, the VIVOBAREFOOT Geo Racer II brings in another model with ultralight and versatile designs. It is highly rated thanks to its exceptional pros that set it apart from regular men’s shoes. 


  • Durable and Sturdy Sole
  • Ultralight Materials with Reinforced Overlays
  • Perfect Running Shoes. Great for Workout and Training Sessions
  • Vegan and Eco Friendly
  • Recyclable and Reusable
  • Fashionable, With Minimalist Design
  • Easy On the Toes
  • Accessible and Comfortable Movement; Easy to Maneuver

Durable Sole

The VIVOBAREFOOT men’s shoe models have a thin sole design that allows your feet to connect smoothly with the ground during your running and recreational activities. The Geo Racer II also comes in a sole light structure that is sturdy and durable to get you past your vigorous activities. 


If your day is filled with a lot of running, walking, or feet movement, you need shoes fit for the purpose. Here’s a minimalist, outdoor-friendly, durable, and functional VIVOBAREFOOT model.


If you appreciate when your feet connect well with the ground giving you enough feedback on your movement, then the VIVOBAREFOOT is the perfect fit. The Geo Racer II has a durable and sturdy sole designed to be thick enough to protect your feet and light sufficient to establish that connection between your feet and the ground. 

Lightweight and Breathable Material

Its lightweight design is another core perk of the Geo Racer II, making it perfect for athletes. It is the perfect blend of durable and versatile material that is protective and comfortable at the same time with reinforced overlays. It is specially designed with various foot-related activities in mind to ensure that it serves its purpose and a lot more. 


Whether it is a day at the gym, a timeout, workout, early morning run, or just as daily wear, the Vivobarefoot shoes are a perfect fit that sits lightly and comfortably. From heavy lifting to gain muscle, to training sessions, its comfortable material is not just lightweight but also of a stretch nature, allowing it to fit and blend into your different activities. 


It is breathable and comfortable wear that does not leave marks on your feet after a rigorous session. It allows for easy airflow, allowing your feet to breathe and cool off through your daily activities, making it perfect for everyday wear. 


The VIVOBAREFOOT Geo Racer II, is intentionally designed to keep your feet comfortable in temperature, flexibility, stretch, and sturdiness, giving an overall lightweight experience. 

Fit for Workout and Training Sessions

These shoes are also fit for leisure and recreational training sessions and activities, not just for intensive training sessions. It is perfect for active movements, maneuvers, and body-based training sessions. 


The 4mm light sole model is also an additional perk when mastering your grip and balance with the ground. Its wide design makes this model perfect for natural stability and balance, just as you would have with your standard feet but with the added protection of the Geo Racer men’s shoes. 


A great way to get closer to the ground without being directly on the basis, providing you with a perfect grip and durable experience. Ideal for heavy lifters and bodybuilders. 


With the VIVOBAREFOOT Geo Racer II, your feet, and most significantly, your toes are not restricted and choked. They enjoy free space, better movement, and increased comfortability, making it perfect all-day wear! Running errands, a quick run out, or a time out alone or with the dogs.

Recyclable and Reusable Material

One other favorite thing I love so much about this VIVOBAREFOOT men’s shoe model is its recyclable and reusable design. It gives a better and more sustainable option than other typical running shoes. It is made with recyclable materials reused to make even better models, reducing waste and helping the planet get better one step at a time.


This way, I feel VIVOBAREFOOT has taken an enormous step to help us all individually, collectively, and our most loved planet to get the most out of their shoes.

Cons of the Geo Racer II VIVOBAREFOOT Men’s Shoes

The VIVOBAREFOOT Geo Racer II men’s shoes certainly have many pros and perks. At the same time, there are inevitable setbacks and cons to the VIVOBAREFOOT Geo Racer II men’s shoes that we have to note. 


  • High Cost
  • Limited Color Options
  • Not Great for Cross-Training
  • Not Waterproof


It certainly does not come under the budget-friendly option for a VIVOBAREFOOT with so many options and perks, which is understandable. It is not the most cost-efficient option when considering running or workout shoes. 


The Geo Racer II men’s shoes come with a price tag of $104. Nonetheless, weighing the many pros of this option, including its durability and comfortability, is a good enough investment. 

If you still want something lesser and more affordable, you can always check out other VIVOBAREFOOT men’s shoe models at slightly lower prices. 


Other models are more suited to other specific activities you might engage in. While it might not cover the all-in-one options made available to you with the Geo Racer II, it just might suit the specific activity you need. You can also check out some Revivo models for other options that might do well enough for your needs.


The Geo Racer II certainly comes in a breathable, lightweight design that is most needed and essential in these shoes. However, there is a setback to this much-loved feature. This Vivobarefoot men’s shoe model might not be the best option considering friction on the shoe’s upper part. 


The VIVOBAREFOOT men’s shoe Geo Racer II is designed to be lightweight and breathable. An additional point to note, given this, is that it is not exactly waterproof. Now, as a pair of running shoes, with this model, you might want to be cautious of where you are running and how much water or moisture is present in that location. 


Not being waterproof also means better for hot regions and environments and is undoubtedly a bad idea for a rainy day. So, you might want to take a good look at the water forecast before choosing this option for full-up daily wear. 


Yes, the Vivobarefoot men’s shoe, Geo Racer II has its cons and setbacks, but it is highly essential to note this: While there are many variations to the Vivobarefoot men’s shoe models, each suited to different specifics, not all are designed to be running shoes. 


So, if running is what you have in mind or a shoe well suited to many foot movement activities, you should consider this model. Searching for slightly cheaper models of closely the same design does not guarantee the same function.

Frequently Asked Questions: Vivobarefoot Geo Racer II

Below are the commonly asked questions asked about the VIVOBAREFOOT Geo Racer II men’s shoes

Does the VIVOBAREFOOT Geo Racer II Stretch?

The VIVOBAREFOOT Geo Racer II shoes are durable, lightweight, and stretchy. This feature makes it perfect for easy movement and maneuvering. So yeah, it stretches pretty well.

Can I Transition Directly from Regular to Barefoot Shoes?

Barefoot shoes like the Geo Racer II generally feel like a pair of socks on your feet, thanks to their 4mm sole thickness. Transitioning directly from regular running shoes, usually around 25 mm, to a barefoot shoe is not advisable. First, it is best to cushion the change with an intermediary like wide-toed zero drop shoes.

Can I Get Injured with VIVOBAREFOOT Geo Racer II?

You can get injured with basically any shoes. However, the chances are reduced in barefoot shoes compared to the others. You should pay attention to locations and running since the sole is not the thickest available option.


VIVOBAREFOOT Geo Racer II shoes are perfectly designed for your running activities. They are lightweight, durable, comfortable, and breathable, making them perfect both as gym shoes and daily wear. 

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