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At Home Exercise

The 15 Best At-Home Exercises for Building Muscle or Losing Weight

By Cody Allen / March 28, 2020 /

During this time of national quarantine, it’s important to keep as many of your healthy routines as possible. This does not mean you should break into your closed gym and sneak a quick workout. It also doesn’t mean you need to put on the dreaded #quarantine15. What you can do is get creative with your…

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The 8 Best Natural Testosterone Boosters

The 8 Best Natural Testosterone Boosters To Build Muscle

By Cody Allen / March 10, 2020 /

Above all else, there is one thing, one hormone that is associated with muscle growth. That hormone is testosterone. Whether you are trying to build muscle, burn fat, get stronger, or increase your libido, testosterone is likely to be included in the conversation. But what is the best natural testosterone booster? Testosterone’s good name has…

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CBD cody allen

How Old Do you Have to be to Buy CBD?

By Cody Allen / March 8, 2020 /

You may think that CBD has so many potential benefits, yet it faces many restrictions. You may have questioned how old do you have to be to buy CBD? But you may get an answer that the minimum age for consumers is 21 or more than that. Or maybe you don’t get any clues about the age…

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How does cbd make you feel

How Does CBD Feel?

By Cody Allen / March 4, 2020 /

The most discussed topic of 2019, CBD, is rumored to be the new and improved marijuana. If the FDA is approving it for medical use like treatment of epileptic seizures, then the rumors become doubtful. But what exactly gave rise to the speculations in the first place? In this article, we will take a deeper…

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Cody Allen back squat

Front Squat vs. Back Squat: The Muscles Behind the Exercises

By Cody Allen / February 28, 2020 /

Front squat vs. back squat: a war of different ways that we slowly lower weight to the ground before exploding back up again. In short, the front squat targets the upper back and quads while the back squat focuses on the glutes and hips. The only difference in front squat vs. back squat is the…

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Best CBD Oil for Athletes

The Best CBD Oil for Athletes

By Cody Allen / February 25, 2020 /

2019 came with an influx of discussion about CBD. Regardless of age or industry, you can almost always find at least one friend in your social circles discussing it. They would either advise you to put CBD in your morning coffee or post-workout smoothie. When it comes to the sports industry, CBD products are set…

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the rock's workout

Good Day Sac | The Rock Celeb Workout

By Cody Allen / February 21, 2020 /

Good Day Sac | The Rock Celeb Workout Wanna get arms like Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson? Take a look at his workout!

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How to clean bulk

Gain Muscle The Right Way: How To Clean Bulk

By Cody Allen / February 19, 2020 /

When most people think about getting huge, they might picture guys doing curls and then a jump cut to a plate of pasta. It’s easy, right? Just lift heavy objects and stuff a lot of food into your body. Obviously, bulking up is not that simple. Figuring out how to clean bulk correctly will help…

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How to calorie cycle

How to Lose Fat and Gain Muscle by Calorie Cycling

By Cody Allen / February 17, 2020 /

Calorie cycling represents a new, yet intuitive way, of thinking about eating. Not exactly a diet, calorie cycling involves purposefully consuming more calories on some days than you do on others. This may not sound revolutionary, but when you consider the fact that most diets call for uniform consistency—allocating the exact same number of calories…

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Cody Allen Optimum Nutrition

Optimum Nutrition | Cody Allen Bio

By Cody Allen / February 12, 2020 /

I have always prided myself on setting the example for hard work on and off the field. As a young child I actually was the furthest thing from a “gifted” athlete. In fact, I was the last kid anyone would have considered to be a Division I scholarship linebacker. But, in due time, I would…

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