The Best CBD Oil for Athletes

2019 came with an influx of discussion about CBD. Regardless of age or industry, you can almost always find at least one friend in your social circles discussing it. They would either advise you to put CBD in your morning coffee or post-workout smoothie. When it comes to the sports industry, CBD products are set to become the biggest traction and the hottest topic of 2020, especially for pain and stress reduction procedures for athletes. Ive been an athlete for years, formerly an NCAA football player, and I swear by CBD now. If it were prevalent when I played, it would have helped a ton.

The far and wide global media coverage that CBD got is nothing short of remarkable.

However, the vast media attention and popularity resulted in an equally diverse range of reviews. A lot of people belonging from different professions came forth to claim CBD’s usefulness, especially for athletes. At the same time, some dubbed it as another thing to avoid, even going as far as to call it harmful.

In this article, we aim at explaining all the things that you should about CBD, especially in relation to athletes. Not only will you get some serious mysteries solved, but you will also get to know the best CBD product for you out there.

Let’s start with the basics.

What Is CBD And How Does It Affect You?

CBD or Cannabidiol is a chemical compound derived for the hemp plant, which is more commonly known as the marijuana plant. The origin of CBD does raise some eyebrows; however, CBD has low THC levels. In case you don’t know, THC is the main psychoactive element that makes you high.

Fun fact: we already have cannabinoids or endocannabinoid system (ECS) in our bodies helping us modulate our neuron activities.

CBDs oil-based products that we consume help in boosting the endocannabinoid receptors. Therefore, contrary to popular opinion, CBD is not bad, harmful, or a performance enhancer. Instead, it is something that can truly help an athlete by promoting the natural elements inside their bodies. It helps them quickly recover and perform better in their workouts and trainings.

The positive effects and impact of CBD are so great that many professional athletes not only use it themselves but also recommend it to their followers. Athletes like one of the greatest MMA fighters of all time, Jon Jones, loves the Pure Kana CBD brand.

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Why Are Athletes Using It?

Athletes constantly deal with stress, anxiety, and pain on a daily base. Especially in recent years, training have gotten harder on athletes, making them push themselves more and more in order to survive the cut-throat competition. They end up beating their bodies in the hopes of getting ahead in the race. It shows that most athletes are more than willing to try nontoxic and nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs. I’ve been an athlete for years and I understand the beating we put on our bodies. CBD is a godsend to aid recovery.

In recent years, an increase and prevalence of drug usage in athletes resulted in various health issues coming into the light; it leads to the banishment of many harmful drugs like ibuprofen.

Since it helps athletes get the most out of their daily routine, their workouts, and their bodies, without negatively affecting their health, CBD is becoming popular among them. CBD reduces the overall COX-2 in our bodies without affecting or reducing the COX-1; this prevents major issues like stomach bleeding.

Another way CBD is different from other harmful drugs is that it lacks THC. While it does originate from the cannabis plant and has anandamide, it does not have any psychoactive effects of THC to it.

In case you don’t know, the psychoactive effect is the “high” feeling that a person usually gets with consuming marijuana. Anandamide, on the other hand, promotes a blissful feeling that does not dumb our senses. Rather, it relaxes an athlete enough to help them tone down the “fight vs. flight” reaction. This is also why CBD is so successful in de-stressing our bodies and acting as a reliable anti-depressant. It improves the overall quality of exercise on the body, thereby helping an athlete to remain a more relaxed, calm, and collected player.

Other benefits of CBD include:

  • Pain and inflammation reduction
  • Opioids and NSAIDs alternate
  • Helps in digestion and settling the stomach
  • Improves sleep quality
  • Sustains balance and healthy glucose levels
  • Supports immune responses in speedy daily recovery
  • Also effective for the regeneration of healthy cells
  • Helps reduce the “game-day” stress and anxiety

The Best CBD Oil for Athletes

With such a wide range and variety of options to choose from, athletes usually find choosing the best oil a harder decision than it is. In a situation like this, one usually turns to trusted reviews to determine their buying decision.

In the age of social media, many influencers have been very vocal about the best CBD products in their experience. Many renowned platforms like the Forbes also came forward to put in their contribution. Both very highly praised Pure Kana, which you can get at a discount with the coupon code CODY20 for 20% off.

Pure Kana is a popular name when it comes to CBD products. The company does not only offer high quality vegan gummy, but also delicious flavored oils. On their official website, you can find all the ingredients of each product. None of them includes THC, which is a very big plus for CBD users.

Apart from the ingredients list, you can also find the lab report on each product and its certification of analysis, which shows their level of dedication towards customer satisfaction.

Their loyal customer base includes a wide range of athletes, including MMA fighters, X-gamers, soccer players, and many gym enthusiasts, all of them reporting positive effects on their wellbeing.

Is CBD Legal For Athletes?

Yes, it is. Both the US and the World Anti-Doping Agency, i.e., the WADA and the USADA, have removed CBD from their banned list. The FDA has also approved Epidiolex, purified CBD, useful for treatment in epileptic seizures.

My Take

CBD is still a relevantly “new” topic, which is up for discussion. The crux of the matter remains that we have a lot to learn about CBD products. Scientists have barely scraped the surface when it comes to the effects of CBD on athletes. However, what we do know about it shows true promise. If you are considering using a CBD product, we highly recommend using a tried and tested brand like the Pure Kana.

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