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Top 6 Fitness Podcasts You Need to Listen To

By Cody Allen / May 26, 2020 /

With YouTube, Instagram, and Spotify, it’s easier than ever to find useful health and fitness info. Back in the day, if you wanted to learn how to work out, you had to just spy on the jacked guys at your gym. While there is nothing wrong with soliciting “jailhouse” gym advice, there is something to…

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Cody Allen FitBy Podcast Feature

Fitby Podcast Feature

By Cody Allen / November 21, 2019 /

Fitby Podcast Feature Cody Allen Dated: November 21, 2019 On this episode Fitby founder, George Lee, chats to me aka @thecodyallen who takes us through my journey from super shy and obese kid, to the fitness star they claim I am today. I tells them the advice I have for my kid-self today and how…

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