CBD for Sleep: Benefits, Side Effects, and Treatment

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The cannabis plant contains plenty of groups of active compounds called cannabinoids. THC, tetrahydrocannabinol, and CBD, cannabidiol, are some of the prominent ones. Unlike THC, which is psychoactive (make you high), CBD has several medical applications that it achieves by affecting the endocannabinoid system in the body, which is responsible for balance (homeostasis). 


Some of CBD’s health benefits include relief from seizures in epileptic people and relief from pain. People who have insomnia (sleeplessness) can also gain a lot from CBD, as shown in recent studies.


What Causes Insomnia


Insomnia is a medical condition where a person lacks sleep due to several conditions caused by internal and external factors. People with chronic physical conditions and mental health disorders, like depression or anxiety, may suffer insomnia. You can also get sleepless when you consume caffeine later in the day or on medication that can affect the sleep cycle. 


Some external factors, like loud noises, can also cause insomnia. If your bed is uncomfortable, then it is also likely that you will have trouble finding sleep. The type of sleeplessness caused by environmental factors can be treated with CBD effectively.


How CBD Affects Sleep


With new research showing that CBD can be used as a treatment for mental health conditions like anxiety, more information has surfaced about its effect on the sleep cycle. In research on CBD’s impact on anxiety, 47 people with the condition were studied alongside 25 people who suffered sleeplessness. After a month of each person consuming 25 milligrams of CBD in a capsule, the results showed over 66 percent of the drug’s effectiveness in treating their insomnia. 

Another study showed that CBD has a soothing effect that relieves chronic pain. This type of pain could trigger sleeplessness in people, and the evidence indicates that CBD’s regular consumption can relieve it. One 2014 research looked into its effect. Some patients with Parkinson’s disease were studied. 

It showed that CBD positively affected REM sleep disorder (RBD), closely linked with insomnia and restlessness while dreaming. Furthermore, CBD can treat RBD effectively. CBD has also helped people stay more alert during the day and reduce grogginess, a sign of sleeplessness. 

These studies may be conclusive, but there is not much said about a direct relationship between CBD and sleep. The medical field emphasizes the need for more useful research on CBD to comprehend its effect on sleep better. Regardless, these highlighted researches insist that CBD increases sleep quality as it deals with the root causes of insomnia. Nonetheless, there are ongoing studies that give us more information on why and how it can affect our sleep cycles.

Methods of Consuming CBD

You can ingest CBD in different ways, including:

  • Edibles such as cookies and gummies
  • Vaping concentrates
  • Oils and tinctures
  • Capsules and Pills

The vape may be the easiest and quickest way to get CBD into your system, but the lack of abundant research makes it the least advised. Plus, vaping may expose you to respiratory risks.



There are several factors to determine your CBD dosage and well time of consumption. They include your size, body chemistry, and the nature of your insomnia, as symptoms can vary in different people. These are key to note as they determine how the CBD works. You may find that what works for you might not work for others.

The range of daily dosage can fall anywhere between 25 mg and 1,500 mg of CBD from the numerous clinical trials on CBD. You will be better off starting with a low dosage and slowly increasing it until you find something that works best for you.

Many studies on CBD’s effect on anxiety and insomnia have shown that several patients do not begin to see any difference until later. One study explained that some patients could take up to a month to observe improvement. You must stay patient and manage realistic expectations when using CBD. Nonetheless, by reviewing the many research pieces on the effects of CBD, you will most definitely conclude that it is a safe treatment as the side effects are not as commonly experienced.

Side Effects

While they may only occur in minor intensity, the following are of the side effects of CBD.

  • Change in appetite
  • Fatigue
  • Weight loss or gain
  • Diarrhea

While CBD is a safe treatment for medical ailments, a study using mice has shown that it could expose to the risk of liver damage. If you are currently on any medication, you may want to check with your health consultant before taking CBD as it may interact with it.

The FDA has not affirmed the safety of CBD products over the counter

However, the organization is serious about protecting the public’s health, and they regulate the research-backed production of these goods.

Notwithstanding, you must carry out your findings of any product beyond buying a CBD product. It is possible that companies could mislabel their products as the FDA applies different regulatory techniques with CBD products. That means it’s especially important to do your research and find a quality product. At least, check for the company’s history to see if they have had mislabeling issues in the past. You can get a reference from someone you know is using and benefiting from CBD.

Since physicians rarely prescribe insomnia medication for up to a month, they usually want to know the cause of your sleeplessness. This knowledge will help them determine your dosage too. If you want to transition from another sleep medication to CBD, you may need to be physically examined. While closely monitoring your progress with medication, your doctor can better inform you of the appropriate method of consumption that is specific for your treatment.


A highly recommended product for most people is Pure Kana’s CBD Sleep Aid Tincture. It comes in 30ml bottles that pack up to 1,500 mg of CBD. This means that you ingest up to 50 mg with every milliliter of serving. Made from sleep terpene-rich extracts that blend several flavors such as hops, chamomile, lavender, lemongrass, among many others. 

It has a high-quality CBD sleep aid tincture packed with several ingredients that improve sleep. If you’re looking for an excellent treatment for insomnia, then you have found the right medication for you. 

To administer it, you will draw one serving of the oil into the dropper cap and put it under your tongue. For an effective application, you will need to keep it in that position for about a minute before swallowing it. As for the taste, you can expect a smooth and pleasant one that lands a potent dose of CBD. 

Purekana’s CBD Sleep Aid Tincture

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Purekana is a US-based company that creates this blueberry-flavored tincture from hemp grown here in the States. They employ high-level craftsmanship in sourcing the hemp and producing the tincture so that every dropping carries a healthy, reliable amount of CBD. Only locally grown plants are cultivated and used in the final production of the extracts.

Purekana’s CBD Sleep Aid Tincture leads the CBD market by far when it comes to effectiveness and flavor. It contains a reliable deal of melatonin, a supplement that is used for treating sleeplessness. As a constituent of the product, melatonin makes it convenient to administer just right before bed. This high-quality hemp extract is one of Purekana’s host of products proven to be highly potent and cost-effective treatments for medical conditions.

You can also check with your doctor to check if you can use this CBD medication to treat your insomnia. They will also help you determine your unique dosage of the tincture. As far as legality goes, laws governing the use of hemp-derived CBD products vary from state to state. And although CBD products are legal in most states in the USA, the usage is still banned under some state laws. 

On the other hand, marijuana-derived CBD products are only legal with regulations in some states. Still, they remain illegal on the federal level but are legal under some state laws. You must get to know the laws governing CBD usage in your state before going ahead to purchase any cannabidiol-based product. Get the Purekana CBD Sleep Aid Tincture here



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