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are vans good for lifting

Are Vans Good For Lifting? You Better Believe It!

Almost everyone has had a pair of Vans at one point or another. The shoes are commonly associated with skateboarding and youth culture, but did you know they also work well for weightlifting? They happen to be constructed in a similar fashion to proper lifting shoes but at a fraction of the price. Vans will…
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Vans vs converse

Vans vs Converse: Best Lifting Shoe

For weight and heavy lifters, shoes are pretty essential and their specifications. When it comes to which is best, Vans and Converse seem to be at loggerheads for the final spot.   We bring you the showdown between both lifting shoes to clear things all up. This means access to their accurate specifications, ratings, pros,…
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VIVOBAREFOOT Men's Shoes: Geo Racer II Review

VIVOBAREFOOT Men’s Shoes: Geo Racer II Review

The Vivobarefoot Geo Racer II is a great running shoe, and it is intended to be a perfect walking shoe. Its versatility and flexibility allow it to stretch easily with a durable sole for hard surfaces, rough roads, and pavements.    The VIVOBAREFOOT Geo Racer is the perfect men’s shoe for an ideal running experience,…
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