Forever Athlete: Connect with Your True Identity Daily: A Collection of Stories from Peek Performers


Print length: 256 Pages

Language: English

Publication Date: February 16, 2022

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ISBN-13: 979-8418438188

Type: Paperback

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Who you are goes far beyond what you do for work. Who you are, to your core, is a culmination of your life experiences and how you react to them.

You may have struggled to define yourself after your playing career or you may have struggled to find value in yourself and the things you do past your athletic abilities.

You may have struggled re-wiring your brain to not “think” like an athlete in the corporate world.

If so, this book is for you!

Each chapter goes through the experiences of each author and how they’ve used their athletic background to prevail. Forever Athlete is a book full of peak performers who are constantly seeking new ways to grow and learn. In this book, you’ll learn how you are so much more than an athlete and this book serves as an amazing resource to own your life experiences.

Coauthored by Cody Allen, Cory Camp, Joe Rinaldi, Darci Smith, Dr. Matt Wiest, Dephanie Adeyemi, David Karasek, Ellen Renk, Rachel Breton, Nikki Kett, Sarah Neal, Chloe Maleski, Erika Fay, Sarah Fritsche, Gavin McHale, Kim Brady, Sarah Williams, and Keegan Lamar.

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