Content Creation


In this space, authenticity is everything and I take that very seriously. I ensure that myself and my team always provides the most accurate, current, and authentic content we can curate.

You can Google whatever you want online to find the next gimmick diet or supplement but myself and my team want to deliver content that is back by science and claims from authorities within their relative spaces. We do our best to take complex subjects and translate them into terms that the general public can understand and take action.

My approach to health and wellness is to create a functionally healthy person that is ready to take on the day and more importantly life. Life throws a ton of curveballs at you and I believe that a healthy person is best prepared to take on anything. The community we have created is designed to help and never make anyone feel inferior. We are learning this as we go as well so if there is anything that you feel that we should add or omit, please reach out.


My Mission

I want to be a source for everyone to turn to for information regarding the health and wellness space.


My content creation process

My team of writers, myself included, are held to the highest of standards when it comes to quality of content. Our goal is to provide the most honest and comprehensive information that we can find and review.

Every single piece of content that touches my site is reviewed by a team of writers, editors, and professionals within the respective verticals. The language used will always be reflective of someone who has studied the topic extensively.


My writers

I have personally vetted all writers that write anything that has to do with health and wellness. Each writer is prepped and given standard writing procedures in regards to what is and isn't allowed. Each writer must have extensive experience and knowledge of the subject matter prior to writing anything for my blog. Each writers is trained on best practices and they are coached up and evolving as we grow.

Our references, sources, and citations

All of the information put on the site has to go through a strict sourcing compliance regimen. Information that is submitted and cited must come from authorities within the space and claims made must be approved.

My team, and myself, are required to stay current on all topics that we write about. They are given adequate resources and continuing education courses to ensure the most up to date information is readily available. We continually review and update past articles, but at times we will make more frequent revisions in the event that new information is brought to light to the public or some of the information we provided is proven to be inaccurate / outdated.

I am an affiliate of Optimum Nutrition, Pure Kana, and Ten Thousand. I may receive a small compensation when you use my coupon codes or affiliate links to purchase products from their sites. While I maintain a relationship with these companies, the information that myself and my writers put out still upholds the upmost integrity.

My Current Sponsorships

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Your feedback helps me

Some companies and individuals are afraid of feedback, I love it. Your constructive criticism is just that, constructive. I take all feedback and use it to better myself, my staff, and my brand.

If you have any questions or concerns, please reach out.