If you can design a perfect personal brand, what will it look like ?

The Cody Allen Book is the special formula I use to build my fitness brand and to gain social media influence. 

You too can use this special formula to design your brand and grow a loyal audience on social media.


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Why I Wrote This Book

Every wannabe entrepreneur wants to build their perosnal brands, but only a few persons are actually taking actions to achieve this goal. 

Even some of the few that act get intangible results because they don’t have a working format.

So, often they end up depressed, frustrated, and filled with regrets.

But…Building a career or a personal brand is easy. 

You don't have to break your back doing it.

Over the years, I've had my fair share of the struggles you're facing; I tried several frameworks, tips, courses, and all materials I could find.

After several failed investments, I decided to look at things again. This time only executing 20% tasks that gave me over 92% results.

Sure, it was a rough ride, but after several years of research, I have it.

I wrote this book to show light to you and give you the same results that changed my fitness and wellness career and brand.

You Don't Have To Struggle Anymore.


The truth is, people give up on their pursuits early because they find it more difficult that they anticipate.

Before giving up, what happens first is "the struggle."

It's the struggle to get 1,000 followers on Instagram. 

The struggle to have 500 views on Instagram live.

The challenges of having 100 shares on your Facebook page posts 

When these things are not coming through, giving up becomes an option.

Why this is disturbing is that social media is your easiest doorway to greatness.

It's your fastest way of getting noticed by your clients.

So if you give up on it, you've probably given up on the "easiest" way of building a fitness brand.

And yes, it's the easiest way indeed.

Many ordinary people and celebrities alike have used these same platforms to attain untold fame.

The list is endless, but let's focus on me a bit.

I started my social media brand building journey 3 years ago.

Then it was very difficult for me to have a face.

The 8 most important things you need to focus on


Goals - You’re making a mistake if you start a career path without setting defined goals and a timeframe. 

It could be to gain 5,000 followers in a year, get 500 leads in three months, or even to sign an endorsement deal in six months. 

Your goals will determine the social media platforms you'll prioritize and the kind of content to roll out there.


Motivation - If you’re ever going to get this ship sailing, then you’ve got to get the right motivation and drive. 

Ask yourself, “Why am I setting these goals in the first instance?” 

You’ve got to give yourself a worthy reason to start. Then remind yourself of those reasons always.


Audience - Who is the audience you want to reach? 

Is there a geographical location in view? 

Do you have a particular demography? 

Knowing the right audience goes a long way to determine how you will position yourself properly.


Content - It’s one thing to post content on your social media platform, it's another thing to post the right content. 

Content is king; it determines the kind of audience you will attract to yourself.

You need to know the content befitting for the brand you're building and focus on it.


Focus - What area of fitness and wellness do you seek to focus on? 

Is it muscle building, loss of belly fat, or dieting? 

Fitness and wellness is very broad. So you need to offer digital content that is specific to a smaller niche.


Consistency - Successful personal branding is not a hit-and-run. It requires consistency. 

One of the many things the Cody Allen Book will teach you is maintaining consistency without giving up.


Positivity - You deserve a breath of fresh air. You deserve to know that you can do this.

As you set out on this journey to build your social media presence, you need to silence every negative voice that makes you think less of yourself or makes you think it’s impossible to achieve your goals.


Accountability - You need to be accountable to someone that checks on you regularly or you’ll lose drive. 

This is where I come in. 

I can be that extra push, drive, and consistency you need to achieve your branding goals.

Don't Settle For Less

I ask you again:

If you can design a perfect personal brand, what will it look like?

Tony Robbins? Marie Forleo or Gary?

Is it impossible to attain such heights?

You can!

The only thing holding you back is your decision. 

Yes, several things influence our decisions but you need to continually remind yourself in the lines of Invictus, that, “I am the master of my fate, and the captain of my soul.

One of the first things the Cody Allen Book will teach you is how to accept responsibility for your own life and build yourself into the perfect image of the model you want to be.

What If I Stop Half-way

Instead of focusing on this, the right question should be “what if I don’t stop.

Channel your energy for positivity!

The top fitness influencers we celebrate today had their low times too.

They had time they almost gave up. I had time when I almost gave up.

But when you focus more on winning, you'll have more reasons to press on.

What no one has probably told you before is that social media influence gets easier with time, and you’d have no reason to quit and every reason to continue.

Here Are Some Questions You Should Ask Yourself

Am I comfortable with how far I have come over the years?

What is my ultimate goal for taking my brand seriously?

Is the discipline of maintaining a consistent social media digital plan too big a price to pay?

Will my future self be proud of me if I miss this opportunity of building my brand?

In This Book, You’ll Learn

  • Practical steps to get started in your brand building journey
  • Working strategies that I used to build a fitness social media profile in there months
  • How Instagram algorithm truly works (and how you can use it for your benefit)
  • How Facebook algorithm works too
  • How I got endorsement deals and maintained them
  • My personal social media content strategy

Here’s What To Do Next

Why are you reading this in the first instance?

What are the branding goals you want to fulfil this year? 

Here is an opportunity to bring your theme into reality.

Are you going to walk away just like we often do in other issues of life?

Nah! Don't procrastinate.

All it takes to make a change and live your dream is a click of a button.


It’s Time To Take Action

"Dreams don't work unless you take action…" Roy T. Bennett

You are a step away from starting a brand building journey on major social media platforms.

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My Personal Guarantee To You

Over the years, you might have read several books on branding.

You might have taken tons of courses too, without getting the results you anticipated.

I have no desire to waste your money and time. You deserve better. 

As such, I'm offering you a 365-days money-back guarantee if you follow all I wrote in this book without getting a tangible result.


Yes! I give you this guarantee confidently, knowing you're on course to get one of the best fitness branding books ever.

With absolute discipline and commitment, you'll certainly boost your social media accounts and hit your fitness and wellness goals.

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About Cody

Cody Allen doubles as a fitness enthusiast and professional. He has built a brand for himself as a fitness model and coach. Over the years, he has worked with various fitness professionals at all levels of the industry.

As a performance athlete, he has developed practical ways of getting workout results without unnecessary hassles.

Allen also hosts business seminars through Digital Cartel Media, a company he co-founded in 2018. It is one of the many ways he reaches out to people and empowers them for greatness


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